Peruvian Highlands

Archaeological wonders. Ancient civilizations. Personal challenge, to transcend real and perceived barriers.

Thoughtful Preparation

Thoughtful preparation is the foundation on which the transformative expedition stands. It gives vital context allowing you to experience your expedition more fully; it teaches you about the people and places you’ll visit, providing deeper connections; it pushes you to grow, giving you a toolbox of skills you’ll use the rest of your life.

No Barriers Youth provides a variety of resources to help ensure the preparatory process is as impactful, informative and efficient as possible:

Fundraising Travel is expensive. We understand the burden of increased costs in airfare and program fees on families and that fundraising usually needs to be a priority during the preparatory process.  We also believe that working to raise funds can be a vital step in the personal growth and development among participants, resulting in increased commitment and investment in their experience. To that end, we have developed a user-friendly online fundraising tool which enables groups to customize their own messages and share them seamlessly. Simply visit this site and follow the step by step instructions. Once registered, the tool provides a variety of fundraising strategies, ideas and support.  

Support Embarking on a program of this nature can seem intimidating… but rest assured you won’t go at it alone! Every group is assigned a Group Manager or Liaison who is always just a phone call or email away. From booking airfare to questions on the packing lists, he or she supports groups through every step of our program. For groups traveling with a lead teacher (or chaperone), a set of additional resources is also provided on top of the Curriculum to aid in the preparation. Sample items include: destination-specific materials (books, maps, wildlife guides, etc.) and a series of No Barriers Youth program handbooks outlining everything from required forms to packing lists to parent meeting agendas and recommended immunizations.


Transformative Expedition

Warm coca tea soothes your throat as it has for people centuries prior. Women carry children in beautifully woven bright satchels. Chapped, wind-burned faces tell stories of harsh conditions and limited resources. Snow-capped peaks reaching upwards of 20,000 feet tower in the distance.

You see poverty intermingled with a massive tourism industry. You see traces of ancient civilizations poking through a modern façade. You wonder how the local people are impacted and if they always wear those ponchos or if they’re just catering to tourist’s expectations. You see development and growth and question how it will be sustained. You feel the spirit of the Andes in the song of a Peruvian flute. And you’ve only just arrived. You decide you want to understand. You decide you’re ready to unleash your potential and discover the power you have to make a difference.

Meaningful Return

As you’re back to school and in your normal routine again, your trip to Peru fades into memories of the past. One day you find yourself in a challenging situation—a situation that feels impossible, like you can’t achieve what you’ve set out to do, the weight of adversity too great.

This feeling feels familiar — like you felt while you were hiking at 14,000 feet in the Highlands. You remember the struggle and the importance of the support team around you. You remember the smiles on the locals’ faces that gave you fresh perspective. You can hear the words of your Expedition Leader telling you “What’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.” 

You feel what it was like to overcome that barrier and realize your current challenge can too be overcome. It all comes flooding back, and it dawns on you: This really was about far more than just a cool trip. This was a fundamental shift in perspective, a new mindset, a new path to travel.

Just as the preparation lays the groundwork for the expedition, the return process is fundamental in rounding out the transformative journey. To help with integrating the experience into day-to-day life, every No Barriers Youth participant creates and implements a Global Citizenship Project after their return home. And now what?! Well, it’s time you start looking for your next call to adventure!

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