Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your programs safe?

A: We take a proactive approach toward safety. That’s why we spend so much time preparing students and our staff for the kinds of experiences they are going to have in the field. While traveling, students will always be from within minutes to a few hours of excellent medical care. We work very closely with our in-country partners to provide the most up-to-date policies and procedures to deal with unexpected emergencies.  Our Expedition Leaders are trained extensively in-house and also are required to be First-Aid and CPR certified.  Our staff medical training and first aid kits are developed in consultation with a family physician. Our physician is also on 24-hour call for consultation when our groups are traveling. All travelers are required to complete health, booking, and liability forms in order to participate in a Global Explorers program.

Q: What is your payment policy?

Global Explorers’ Program Withdrawal Fees
Your $200 initial deposit is a non-refundable program reservation fee. Withdrawal 46-90 days prior to date of departure results in a loss of 50% of program costs. Withdrawal 45 days or less prior to date of departure results in loss of 100% of program costs. We regret having to strictly adhere to these policies but we begin sending non-refundable payments for lodging and transportation and incur other costs long before the workshop.

Late Fees
Invoices not paid within 30 days of due date will be assessed an 18% APR fee and may result in the loss of your reservation.

International Airline Ticketing and Airline Withdrawal Fees
After locating the least expensive available airfare, Global Explorers books tickets and notifies your group of the reservation and cancellation policies of the airline and provides you with a due date for payment to Global Explorers. Once the international tickets are purchased, cancellation will result in the airline ticket being turned over to you to determine if you can receive any refund by contacting the airline directly. In most cases, refunds for international tickets will not be provided by the airlines.

Changes to the Payment Schedule
We do not allow deviations from the Payment Schedule unless the Global Explorers Program Coordinator agrees with a change in cooperation with the Group Sponsor.

Price Fluctuations
Our prices are the most currently available but are subject to change due to supplier increases. Though we make every effort to resist price increases, we are not always able to avoid them. You will be advised at the earliest possible moment of any need to adjust prices.

Q: Are donations tax deductible?

A: Tax-deductible donations cannot come from anyone who receives direct goods or services from the Global Explorers Program. This means a student/family cannot write a check out for their participation in our program and claim it is a tax-deductible contribution. Tax-deductible donations cannot be designated to any specific individual. Donations collected from your group are considered general donations to Global Explorers and will be applied to your group account, not to any one individual. If a donation check arrives that is clearly designated to a specific individual, we will apply this to your group account but not register this as a tax-deductible donation. Global Explorers will determine on a case-by-case basis whether donations are tax-deductible. Tax-deductible donation letters will be mailed by Global Explorers to each individual donor.

Q: What are your cancellation policies?

A: Global Explorers will work with you to determine the most convenient payment schedule for your group. Deposits are non-refundable.  Payments must be made in full no later than 60 days prior to travel. Withdrawal 46-90 days prior to date of departure results in a loss of 50% of program costs. Withdrawal 45 days or less prior to date of departure results in loss of 100% of program costs. Late payments beyond 30 days are charged an 18% service fee and can result in the loss of your reservation.

Q: What IS included in the program fee?

  • All transportation & lodging upon arrival at your destination
  • All activities including guides & entrance fees
  • All meals & drinking water during program
  • An individual bed for every traveler
  • A private experience for your group – you’ll never be joined by students you don’t know
  • A world-class Expedition Leader
  • Various other experts, scientists & educators
  • Certified local guides & drivers
  • Respectful gratuities for local guides, drivers & other services
  • Free educator spots with paying participants
  • Your choice of program & travel dates
  • Comprehensive preparatory curriculum
  • Extensive staff support before & after travel
  • Carbon offsets
  • Basic travel insurance
  • Customized promotional materials to help organize your group
  • 24-hour emergency service with GEx staff & pre-travel student program handbooks
  • Airport departure fees
  • Online log-in for details & fundraising resources

Q: What IS NOT included in the program fee?

  • Airfare to the city in which your program starts (price of airfare not included in program fee, but we will work with our travel agent to organize the best group airfare for your needs)
  • Passport fees
  • Visa fees (where applicable)
  • Extra snacks or beverages at meals
  • Meals while in transit on international travel days
  • Immunization fees
  • Spending money for souvenirs & gifts
  • Personal travel items
  • Airline baggage handling fees
  • Expenses as a result of travel delays or cancellations that fall outside of Global Explorers’ control

Q: Do educators travel free with group programs?

A: We waive one educator program fee for your first 10 paying travelers; thereafter, we waive one educator program fee for every five paying travelers up to 40.  In addition, we offer proportional discounts for educators when the total number of paying travelers is not a multiple of five.  Contact us for details and for groups larger than 40.

Q: Who travels with the students?

A: Students travel with at least one teacher or representative from their school or organization in addition to a Global Explorers Expedition Leader, local guides and various other experts.

Q: Can parents travel with their students?

A: We recommend that only students and educators travel on group programs; however, we leave the decision up to each group. It is usually not possible for parents to travel on individual enrollment programs.

Q: What types of food do you eat while traveling?

A: We eat the local cuisine from the regions we visit. In most places, this is food you will recognize like fish, chicken, rice, beans and fruit. There are always multiple options available and we can accommodate most types of diet restrictions.

Q: Can we add custom activities or days to any of the programs?

A: Absolutely! We work with many groups to customize the itinerary to meet specific needs and requests.

Q: What type of liability protection do you provide?

A: Global Explorers provides industry-standard liability insurance. Participating educators and their schools or organizations are covered as volunteers under our liability policy.

Q: What kind of lodging do you use?

A: Our accommodations are always safe, comfortable and responsible. We purposely strive to take students to locations that are rustic and comfortable, not extravagant. We do our best to ensure that we treat the local economy, culture and ecology with respect by seeking out partners and accommodations that do the same.

Q: What is the Global Explorers three-phase program model?

Phase One: Preparation Global Explorers’ user-friendly preparatory curriculum and support materials are customized to your destination. We offer fun but challenging activities designed to provoke questions and critical thinking while improving global knowledge, skills and attitudes. Experts from such diverse organizations as the Peace Corps, the Jane Goodall Institute, the Center for Creative Leadership and the World Wildlife Fund assisted with the development of our curriculum.

Phase Two: Expedition The time spent on your expedition is designed to inspire responsible global citizenship. This is not a sight-seeing tour. Our small group expeditions foster meaningful and challenging discussions, engage students in service and develop important civic and leadership skills. Educators can customize programs to meet their targeted educational goals.

Phase Three: Global Citizenship Project The Global Explorers experience continues in your own community after your expedition is over. Participants take a leadership role in designing and implementing a service project that makes a positive difference post-travel.