2016 Expeditions

No Barriers Youth expedition programs provide transformative experiences in some of our planet’s most inspiring classrooms that stretch comfort zones, inspire possibilities, and ignite action. We inspire and equip middle and high school youth and their educators to live a No Barriers Life through an educational three-phased travel program. Much more than just cool trips, our expedition programs provide a comprehensive approach to interdisciplinary experiential education through:

  • Phase One:

    Thoughtful Preparation
  • Phase Two:

    Transformative Expedition
  • Phase Three:

    Meaningful Return


Activities on NBY expeditions vary by destination, but each itinerary includes these common elements: self-awareness & team development activities, structured reflection, student-driven learning, activities that foster connection to place, a focus on interconnectedness of systems, exposure to people/ways of life different than your own, service projects, stretching comfort zones, and FUN!

For more information on the 2016 Expeditions, click on group or individual enrollment: