Climate Change Amazon

The region of the Upper Amazon near Iquitos, Peru regularly floods each year. However, the region experienced an unprecedented flood in 2012 which some scientists and others are attributing, at least in part, to climate change. The impacts were severe for both human communities and natural systems. It still remains unclear whether this is the type of flooding that naturally occurs every once in a long time (maybe every hundred years or more) or whether this is the type of event that will now occur more regularly as a result of climate change.

You will dive deep into these questions on our expedition. You will work with a scientist who will help us examine a long term data set that has been kept for the past 20 years for the field site we are visiting. You will collect data and compare it to data that has been collected over the last several years, including 2012. You will also spend time in one or more local rural communities along the banks of the Amazon which were affected by the floods of 2012. Here, you will conduct informal interviews with residents to understand the impact of these floods on their lives and also gather data about other similar events during their lifetimes. By the end of your expedition, you will have a greater understanding of the impact of a severe environmental event on the natural and human communities in this area of the Amazon, as well as start to develop an understanding of how scientists are trying to answer many questions about how climate change is measurable and how it is affecting different areas around the globe.

2015 Program Details

Climate Change in the Peruvian Amazon


Iquitos, Peru


July 7 - 15, 2015


$3,140. Price includes a standard 7 night in-country Amazon program - all ground costs AND international flight included. Price does not include airline fees not included in ticket (e.g., bags), items of personal nature, or travel to get to Miami International Airport.



This program is designed for adventuresome high school students, grades 8-12. Ideal participants demonstrate leadership skills, academic merit, interest in the natural world, and an affinity for science. Participants will be accepted on a rolling basis.

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